Fitting Guide

1. Measure your dog!

Length: Start with your dog standing up, this is very important as dogs get several inches longer when they sit and lay down. Measure your standing dog from the base of its neck to base of its tail. Do not measure all the way up the collar, we’re aiming for the point where the shoulders and neck meet. Voila! The length measurement.

Girth: With your dog still standing and using a soft flexible measuring tape (or the string method – described below) measure around your dog’s rib cage, just behind the front legs.
Girth Measure
The String Method for girth
Wrap a length of string (or anything flexible really, a belt, yarn, ribbon, fishing line, etc) around the dog, marking the meeting point and then measure the string with a flat measuring tape or ruler.

2. Choose a size

Looking at the charts below find where your dog’s measurements fall. It’s not uncommon for a dog the have different sizes correspond to the length and the girth. It’s usually best to choose based on the closest girth measurement, i.e. aim to have your dog in the middle of the girth range. If you have a big difference, say the girth of a size 18 and the length of a size 24, drop us an email or a call and we’d be happy to select just the right coat for your dog! Very wide dogs should size up for anything except the stretch fleece, and narrow dogs should size down, especially with the stretch fleece.



If you’d like, you can watch our measuring tutorial below, and accept our apologies for the general goofiness. 🙂